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The following document refers to the terms and conditions of the contract between the customer and Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica, who accepts the following conditions:

    1. Article 460 of the Commerce Code applies to every service offered by BoxCorreos from Correos de Costa Rica S.A. regarding my account, which requires a commercial invoice, approved and signed for by the customer himself.
    2. Through the service provided by Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica, the customers will be able to purchase online and assign their account number in Miami (where packages first arrive) with the shipping address. The packages that arrive in Miami will be processed in the warehouse, classified, and then shipped to Costa Rica where they are subject to Customs regulations prior to the package’s final delivery.
    3. The services offered by Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica are the following:

      • Customs Clearance: ensures timely customs clearance of your packages, and the calculations involved with Customs legislation processing.
      • Home Delivery: Our delivery service ensures timely delivery to any location previously specified by the customer in his membership or registration. The customer may choose home delivery within any of the designated areas listed by Box Correos of Corres of Costa Rica, to which additional charges may apply.
      • Dispatch USA Service: Box Correos of Correos of Costa Rica can pick up packages anywhere in the United States upon request, additional costs will apply.
      • Re-packaging Service: sometimes your packages need extra protection for their international travel either with extra bubble wrap or a wooden crate. (Examples: Plasma TVs that come in cardboard boxes are advised to be re-packaged in a wooden crate). More information at, extra fees do.
      • Online Access: Our customer service guarantees secure access to your account and secure access to the statuses of your shipments. Log in to your account by clicking here. To resolve issues related to your shipments, we offer our site
      • Shipment status of your package: Our system sends automated emails and/or texts to your cell phone at no additional charge. These emails relate to any status update related to your shipment in transit.
      • Access to Shopping: any American online catalogue via BoxCorreos/Amazon e-store and
      • You can consult our website at any time for information regarding your shipments.

    1. Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica will assign the customer an international account number and a permanent US address. This address is for the exclusive use of the customer and any previously authorized family members (up to four additional maximum). With this account, the customer will be able to purchase goods in the United States and have them delivered to his desired address. The US address that needs to be used is referred to as the "Shipping Address":

Your address in Miami is:

Your complete Name/Last Name followed by your Account Number

7801 NW 37th Street

Doral, FL 33195-6503 USA

Tel. 305-592-0839

You can see examples here.

    1. I am responsible and will pay for all of the transactions related to my account.
    2. The customer exonerates Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica from liability if any of the merchants ship incorrect or damaged merchandise, or if they provide an incomplete or incorrect address. In any case, if merchandise arrives damaged, we notify the client immediately with photographic evidence before proceeding.
    3. The customer will pay for the services provided by Box Correos with the credit or debit card on file. Otherwise, he will pay for packages upon delivery.
    4. The customer agrees that he will receive general shipments, which will be automatically sent to Costa Rica by scheduled air service and processed without consulting the customer.
    5. The registration or membership service is completely free. When registering, the customer accepts to pay all costs related to his shipments.
    6. The customer recognizes that the charges generated by his account at Customs are due on the 15th of each month. If you pay after the due date, your bill will be charged with a 1.5% default interest.
    7. With respect to the international freight charge, it is calculated by actual weight measured in kilograms. For more information, visit our website:
    8. eShopex LLC. reserves the right to open and inspect all packages that arrive at its warehouse in Miami and refuse service when and if it deems necessary.
    9. The customer accepts the rates published on the website, which are subject to change and it is the customer’s responsibility to keep up with this information.
    10. The customer authorizes BoxCorreos of Correos of Costa Rica to charge any and all costs to his credit or debit card related to the shipping and handling of his packages without consulting the client beforehand. The customer also authorizes Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica by the same means to charge any other direct or indirect charges associated with the handling of his shipments, such as Value Added Tax, storage, special handling, repackaging, weight, volume, and any other charges that are generated with the shipment of your merchandise.
      Your credit card information will always be protected by us. We use SSL inscription technology to secure your transactions. You can change your credit card information or add new ones. To do so, you must access your account and use the designated links.
    11. The units used for billing are: the American dollar and kilograms/pounds for weight.
    12. To consult any other charges for additional services, you may submit a ticket to our ticket system or contact customer service at
    13. Transportation costs and other charges made to the customer’s credit card regarding services provided by Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica are independent from the charges made by banks, financial institutions, or credit card providers for transactions made abroad.
    14. The customer accepts that Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica will take the necessary steps to carry out Customs clearance of shipments and automatically charge taxes and expenses generated by this clearance to the customer’s credit card on file, without prior notification.
    15. The customer accepts that Box Correos of Correos of Costa Rica reserves the right to open or inspect any shipment without prior notification, with the purpose of ensuring the proper process of nationalization and inspection.
    16. It is Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica’s policy to charge all additional costs at Customs to the customer’s bill; the customer accepts these charges and must cover these costs prior to the release of his merchandise.
    17. The customer understands that the processing of the DUA (Documento Unico Aduanero), applies to all shipments whose customs value exceeds one thousand dollars ($1,000) and those that are require further documentation/permission from institutions or governmental entities like the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, etc.
    18. The client is responsible for notifying Box Correos if his shipment qualifies to be exempt from taxes. He must do so via ticket prior to the shipment’s arrival in Miami. Otherwise, the client is obligated to pay any charges made at Customs once the shipment arrives in Costa Rica. If the client does notify Box Correos, this does not guarantee that the shipment will actually be exempt from taxes once it is at Customs. If it does not, then the client will have to pay any and all charges declared at Customs.
    19. The customer acknowledges that Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica will try up to two home delivery attempts at the address registered on the account. If Box Correos cannot fulfill the delivery, the customer can pick up his package at any Box Correos branch after prior coordination with Customer Service through a ticket.
    20. In case of damage or loss, Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica insures all shipments at no additional cost at U.S $9/lb up to a maximum of $100.00 with proof of purchase.
    21. The customer accepts that he will not be covered by the protection insurance (optional insurance) and Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica will not be liable for the reimbursement of the value or cost of transporting the following goods: hazardous materials, perishables, cash, coins, checks, gift certificates, any kind of ticket, jewelry, gems, lenses or glasses, glass panels, watches, credit or debit cards, and items whose value exceeds $25,000.
    22. The customer has the option of opting for an additional insurance which he must request through a ticket via our ticket system at This additional insurance is subject to restrictions and deductibles, and this insurance will only apply when the customer requests it through a ticket and pre-alert.
    23. The customer accepts the following conditions regarding protection policies of shipments:

a. Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica in Miami will notify the customer if his package arrives open or damaged to the warehouse in Miami.

b. Claims related to those packages mentioned above will not be accepted. Box Correos is not liable for these.

    1. The customer agrees that if he receives packages or mail that are not his or of one of the other authorized users of his virtual locker, he will notify Box Correos and return the packages immediately in the same conditions that they came in. If the customer opens, uses, or damages these packages, he assumes full responsibility for costs, Customs taxes, and transport.
    2. Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica reserves the right to dispose of the merchandise as it deems fit after a period of two (5) months. This includes parcels/packages, goods, documents, catalogues, and magazines.
    3. Merchandise that remains unclaimed at Customs after one year, and has no prior instruction, will be declared as abandoned.
    4. The customer understands that all claims over service, including but not limited to, loss, missing, or 31. damage of insured parcels must be filed during the first two business days of the event. All claims must be submitted through the ticket system via so that Box Correos can assess and process your claim. Please allow twenty (20) calendar days to resolve the case.
    5. Box Correos will notify the customer of the status of his shipment through the tracking system on its website, via email, and through SMS to the mobile number on record.
    6. Box Correos assumes no responsibility with regards to the quality, quantity, brand, or any other aspect of the merchandise you purchase online. Box Correos will only be responsible for its transportation service. Any claim or dispute related to the merchandise must be resolved directly with the vendor, supplier, or commercial establishment where the customer originally made his purchase. Upon request, Box Correos may advise the customer regarding these claims. To do so, please submit a ticket via However, this in no way implies that Box Correos is responsible for these claims and their outcomes.
    7. The customer of Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica is responsible for the information he provides his account, and must notify Box Correos through its website if he wishes to make any changes, especially those related to delivery address change, or credit or debit card changes.
    8. The customer may not use Box Correos for any illicit purposes. Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica will collaborate in every way with the authorities either local or international if a case is presented.
    9. Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica reserves the right to hold any packages in the United States or Costa Rica if they are found or are suspected to be from fraudulent or illegal transactions. In this case, Box Correos will collaborate with the authorities both local and international that combat online crimes and provide them with any information pertaining to the case.
    10. Box Correos cannot ship any restricted or illegal goods that fall under the regulations of either the country or origin, or the destination country. For more information regarding this, please visit All goods of this nature that are received in Miami will be handled - subject to additional charges- according to the information provided by the customer in via ticket.
    11. It is the customer’s responsibility to report any fraudulent or identity theft issues on his account through a ticket via
    12. In the event that the customer allows others or family members to use his account, the merchandise will be delivered to the address on file entered upon registration.
    13. Your online signature of this agreement means the acceptance of the terms and conditions of Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica and authorizes annual charges of additional services, like transportation charges, Customs, and other charges that apply.
    14. Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica S.A. does not accept voiding fines or any sort of compensation for late arrivals of either packages or mail.
    15. I accept that all goods that enter national territory are subject to import taxes, which will be determined based on the value of the merchandise, its insurance, and freight charge (CIF).
    16. I accept that it is Box Correo of Correos de Costa Rica’s right to terminate this contract if myself or any of the other authorized users of my account:

a. Misuse the services provided by Box Correos, whether it be unethical, immoral, or go against American or Costa Rican laws.

b. If myself or any of the authorized users were to insult any of the representatives and/or workers of Box Correos in either a verbal or written form.

c. If my requests go against any of the previously stated service standards of Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica and make it impossible for Box Correos to provide service.

    1. Contract Termination: Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica reserves the right to terminate contract without liability on its part, given the case that the customer does not comply with the contractual agreements. Both parties can terminate the contract as well, as long as one party notifies the other with the reason why, ten days prior to the desired termination date. If at the time of this request there are shipments in transit, the customer may pick them up at an agreed location and pay for any pending charges to Box Correos.
    2. The present contract is valid for one year, with automatic one-year extensions calculated from the last date of use of your Box Correos account.
    3. Box Correos reserves the right to make changes or modifications to this agreement. The customer will be notified of these changes in advance.
    4. The customer accepts to receive emails with information generated by Box Correos of Correos de Costa Rica related to promotions and events organized by Box Correos individually, alongside sponsors, or sponsored events.
    5. The customer may request assistance via ticket to resolve any concern or question about the process of online shopping, account management, package tracking, etc. The assistance provided by Box Correos is strictly informational, and therefore does not imply any responsibility for any inconvenience, if there be one, that may result from the customer’s use of this information.

      • Customer service is provided through the following services:
      • Call center: 800-900-2000
      • Website via ticket:

  1. All necessary steps for the realization for the Customs clearance of goods will be made in accordance with current Customs legislation.
  2. eShopex LLC. reserves the right to open and inspect all packages received on the customer’s behalf at its facility in Miami and to refuse service when and if it considers it necessary.
    BOX CORREOS accordance with the 8968 Law on the Protection of the individual against the processing of their personal data, reports the following:
    BOX CORREOS has a database (within which personal information Restricted and unrestricted access register) in order to have accurate and sufficient customer data to identify persons performing purchase transactions.
    It is understood as processing of personal data, according to the law No. 8968, any operation or set of operations, carried out by automated or manual procedures upon personal data such as: collection, recording, organization, storage, alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination, distribution or any other form that facilitates access to these, the comparison or interconnection, as well as blocking, erasure or destruction, among others.
    The use of personal data is only for services and products in accordance with the strategy and business goals of the company.
    The personal database is consulted only by BOX CORREOS workers contracted and authorized, complying with the security controls required by laws and regulations.
    The destination of personal information is for internal use only, in order to facilitate and promote the efficiency of the services or products that the company offers and guarantee users the full and proper use.
    BOX CORREOS guarantees the creating and safeguard of the database and its customers at its headquarters. The database is protected and secured as required by the regulations.
    As BOX CORREOS client has the right to access your personal data, correction or deletion of these in accordance with the 8968 Act.
  4. I authorize voluntary and informed consent for Correos de Costa Rica SA, in accordance with the provisions of the fifth of the Law on Protection of the individual against Article to Personal Data Processing No. 8968, treat need of my personal data and / or sensitive, for internal purposes of the Company and in accordance with the Privacy set forth in the Act.

I authorize Correos de Costa Rica for analysis and future, to store, see, update and verify my personal information for purposes of the ordinary course of its services directly, offering and / or send me information about goods, products , services, promotions, news, messages, alerts or notices of default consumption, using any available means of communication they have.

I consent to Correos de Costa Rica to treat my personal information, according to the management policy use personal data, and therefore I promise to read the privacy notice and the aforementioned policy available at:

Similarly, whenever it deems it, I may exercise my right as owner of the data to know, update, correct or delete my personal information; as well as the right to revoke consent to the processing of personal data. These rights can be exercised through the channels provided by the Mail for attention to public policy and observing the processing of personal data of Correos de Costa Rica available at

I have read, understand, and accept the contents of this contract and accept all the terms and conditions.